MİTAŞ Composites (Mitaş Energy Composites & Paint Factory) is an organization producing lighting, energy, telecommunications, decorative and flag poles for different sectors such as the construction, transportation, automotive, defense industry on site and aiming to be a pioneer in Turkey.

MİTAŞ Composites aims to minimize environmental impact by considering environmental dimensions in composite production and to use the highest level of backward use instead of waste chemicals, and puts into practice. In addition, by adopting its responsibilities in environmental pollution, waste management, energy consumption and product recovery, it has aimed to be an example in its sector and to improve its environmental sensitivity.

Our Environmental Management System, which is certified with ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management System certificate, covers the production processes, activities that are directly or indirectly affected by the processes and environmental practices.

In this context, MİTAŞ Composites will be able,

  • To minimize its waste, take precautions at its source and decompose at its source, observe, evaluate and test the competence of disposal firms,
  • To use natural resources and energy efficiently and encourage its efficient use,
  • To prevent pollution of air, water and soil by destroying pollutant effects,
  • To minimize environmental impacts by making efforts to increase environmental performance of activities,
  • To establish emergency and environmental risk management at the most advanced level and implement them if necessary,
  • To communicate with all interested parties and provide legal requirements,
  • To take the principle of protecting the environment and aim to set an example for all natural and legal persons.

In order to realize all these goals, MİTAŞ Composites will reveal all its devotion with the participation of employees.