MİTAŞ Composites (MİTAŞ Energy Composites & Paint Factory) has adopted and adheres to the principles of occupational health and safety as an indicator of its value to human beings.

MİTAŞ Composites aims and practices to minimize the environmental impacts by considering environmental dimensions in composite production and by using the maximum level of recycling instead of waste disposal. In addition, by adopting its responsibilities in environmental pollution, waste management, energy consumption and product recovery, it has aimed to set an example in its sector and to improve its environmental sensitivity.

  • To establish and implement an occupational health and safety management system within the framework of compliance with all legal regulations, customer requirements and other relevant conditions for its activities and go to continuous improvement,
  • To analyze each activity within its own structure; supply the most suitable personal protective equipment and occupational health and safety equipment, considering the legal requirements, customer requirements, ergonomic criteria and physical characteristics of employees,
  • To ensure an ergonomic and healthy working environment to minimize the risk of possible work accidents,
  • To analyze current dangers and eliminate all factors that may cause accidents and losses,
  • To eliminate all kinds of danger that may cause occupational diseases caused by activities,
  • To consider the occupational health and safety requirements in the procurement of raw materials and equipment used, and encourage suppliers to adapt to occupational health and safety requirements,
  • To ensure the continuity of the occupational health and safety management system and ensure the availability of this policy by all parties concerned.