Our quality policy as Mitaş Composites (Mitaş Energy Composites & Paint Factory) which has ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System Certificate is ,with all our employees and resources, to produce the products needed in the sector with the best quality and safety, to reach the satisfied customer profile, to minimize the costs in the production process, to be one of the leading companies in the field and to take place in the foreign market in the best way to represent our country.

For this purpose, with the participation of all our assets and employees MİTAŞ Composites will be able;

  • To determine the targets by adopting continuous improvement and development as a principle, approach with interest and support any innovative method to increase process performance,
  • As a customer focused company, to determine customer's expectations as a priority criterion in all processes and try to meet the highest level of competence,
  • To follow closely all kinds of technological and sectoral developments that direct the industry, support the technological initiatives of its employees and ensure its applicability,
  • To contribute to the individual and mass development of employees,
  • To use internationally accepted production methods and standard applications actively in their processes,
  • To provide competitive quality, production and market conditions in the sector and going to continuous improvement,
  • To ensure the applicability of management systems,
  • To adopt and implement methods that comply with legal requirements on environmental and occupational health and safety issues.