MİTAŞ Composites Plastic Industry and Trade Inc. with all employees and resources tries to implement quality, environment and occupational health and safety by adopting these issues in order to be one of the leading companies in the field. For this purpose; the activities in line with its objectives and targets are carried out in a sustainable manner in accordance with its integrated management covering the quality, environment and occupational health and safety created with the participation of all its assets and employees.

Within this context, Mitaş Composites guarantees;

  • To form, apply and continuously improve an integrated management system covering quality, environmental and occupational health and safety in accordance with all legal regulations, customer requirements and other relevant provisions with efficient risk management,
  • To approach and support any innovative methods for increasing process performance by setting its targets,
  • To identify, evaluate, monitor and take necessary actions for the risk actions and opportunities that may affect the achievement of the Company's objectives according to the impact and probability within the scope of the risk management approach,
  • To meet the customer’s expectations at the most competent level by identifying these as a priority criterion in all processes within the framework of customer focus
  • To reduce waste, increase recycling rate and reduce the use of natural resources by focusing on energy use, environmental balance and protection of natural resources,
  • To eliminate all the factors that may cause accident, loss, occupational disease caused by activities and near miss by analyzing the existing hazards well,
  • To improve the skills and competencies of employees and business partners on quality, environmental and occupational health and safety issues to ensure their participation and consultancy.

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