About MİTAŞ Group

Setting of the business world with MİTAŞ Metal Construction Inc. established in 1955, MİTAŞ Group currently operates on a global scale through the companies within its organization in the fields of energy, telecommunication, lighting, chemistry and informatics. Headquartered in Ankara, MİTAŞ Group Companies have the production facilities in Ankara, İzmir and İzmit provinces and Italy. Exporting to more than 135 countries in 5 continents, MİTAŞ Group operates through the following companies.

MİTAŞ Group Companies

  • MİTAŞ Investment Inc. is the principal shareholder of MİTAŞ Group companies. It carries out financial affairs, human resources, legal affairs, corporate governance and brand promotion works for the Group considering the current approaches and the needs of all companies within the Group.
  • MİTAŞ Energy and Metal Construction Inc. is locally and globally the most known and locomotive company of the group in Turkey.
  • MİTAŞ Industry Inc. is our main company that combines many operations within the group. The design, production and galvanized coating of lattice, polygonal and circular type poles, substations, solar power plants and other industrial steel structures used in areas such as energy, lighting, telecommunication, transportation, advertising and signaling are done within this company. One of the largest automated powder coating plant in Turkey, Mitaş Paintshop are operating under this company.
  • MİTAŞ Bolt Inc. operates on marketing, sales, manufacturing and galvanizing of steel fasteners. Mitaş Bolt provides services to power transmission line, machinery, construction and steel construction sectors and manufactures bolts, anchors, stud bolts, worm gears, nuts and washers in different standards, coatings and qualities.
  • MİTAŞ Poles Industry and Trade Inc.: Our production point in Italy, which is included in our group in 2017, operates under this company. Design and manufacturing of polygonal and circular type poles for lighting, communication and energy sectors are performed in the plant located in Frosinone region near Rome.
  • MICHA Galvanised Steel Construction Inc., which was established with the partnership of French FAYAT GROUP’s energy transmission line producer Charignon, operates in Izmir Aliağa region. It manufactures, galvanizes and delivers energy transmission and distribution towers and poles to five continents of the world. It also provides contract galvanizing services to the companies in the region.
  • MİTAŞ Powerline Construction Inc. (MEPC) operates on turn-key projects for the engineering, procurement and construction of energy transmission line and substations.
  • Mitaş Composites Plastic Industry and Trade Inc.: This company, which joined our group in 2019, provides composite pole, pipe and profile production services with qualified personnel and state-of-the-art machinery and equipment.